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UPDATE: We’re (Re)Open For Business!


Hi everyone, and welcome! I’m proud to announce that my website has finally completed its total makeover – we’re up and running!

It’s been a long, arduous journey through hours of coding, design, picture-taking, writing, and then finally starting all over from scratch to get to where we are now. Through the process, I’ve learned a lot about having an online presence and, boy, is it a lot. Going forward, you’ll be seeing a lot of regular updates from me as I continue my quest to find the “Wow Factor”. Events, scheduled pop-ups, and promotions – you name it – will all be posted here. We’re constantly growing, constantly changing and adapting, so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, we’d be glad to hear them!

The shop lists out our basic products for now and we’re planning on expanding it out a bit more later on. Online, our minimum order would be a 12-pack, due to shipping costs. For a limited time only, if you’re in or around the Brea area, be on the lookout for a coupon code which qualifies you for an alternate means of shipping and discounts.