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Searching for the “WOW Factor”, Chapter 1: Pillow Cookies

I came up with these cookies purely by accident. It was at the very first
farmers market I did back in September of 2016 when I realized that intense, hyper-
fresh lemon flavor is something people crave and desire. I wanted to have a good choice
of flavors for people to choose from and figured that lemon ought to be in that
repertoire. I scoured different lemon cookie recipes over the internet and searched
through all my cookbooks until I found a suitable one to try. Unfortunately, that recipe
was lacking in flavor and intensity. I decided to try modifying it by using FRESH lemon
juice, lemon zest, lemon extracts and after over a hundred tries I finally came up with
the right combination of flour, butter and sugar to create a treat that makes almost
everyone who tries them say “WOW, I’ve never tasted anything like that”!

It was about four months after I’d created that Lemon Pillow Cookie when Betty, one of
the owners of the world-famous Porto’s Bakery in Glendale told me “you really ought to
expand on these… they’re fantastic”. I decided to try doing the next great citruses – lime
and then tangerine. Again, it took many, many tries to get the signature glaze just right,
but it eventually all came together. Soon I plan on trying grapefruit to the line of pillow